I think one of the best things about being a content creator is being able to work with and lift up other creators so that more and more art can be shared with the world.

With that in mind, here are a few creatives that I’m close with!

Vicente Tello


– Photographer –

Vicente is an avid photographer, hardworking student, and, among many other awesome things, a close friend of mine. We’ve known each other since our freshman year of high school and have collaborated on various projects in our time. I’ve witnessed firsthand the glimmer in his eye when he lifts his camera, and in the galleries on his website and Instagram, the world he wants to show us is coming to life. Rarely are there portraits, rather scenes, objects, places, and moments to be captured through perspectives outside of our day-to-day. Vicente will be humble to the point of self-deprecation, but I know for certain that the man’s a driven worker with keen eyes and an even sharper mind behind them. This brief description truly can’t do him justice, so be sure to check him out!

Marius B

Marius B – Humidity

– Singer/Songwriter –

– Producer –

Marius B is a talented music producer at the forefront of his musical career. I met him in 8th grade and have had the honor and pleasure of being his friend through his continuing creative journey, so I speak with confidence when I say that his music comes straight from the heart. It’s been a wonderful thing to see him hone his skills and form his artistic identity over the years, and with every song he’s put out — and the many more he never revealed — I have watched and heard a clearer and clearer expression come to life through his sound. Of course, I can’t possibly describe what that message is, so you’ll just have to listen to his music to find out!

Javier Quinonez & Saul Martinez

JQ Projects

– Filmmakers –

Javier Quinonez and Saul Martinez are aspiring filmmakers who took the random videos our friend group made in our early high school days and discovered within them a passion for visual storytelling. Even though the videos they’ve made so far are sometimes a bit silly and were clearly made by a couple of ridiculous high schoolers, just watch a few and you’ll get the sense that these are people yearning to convey the stories burning in their heads and hearts. Though they, like the rest of us young creators, have a lot to learn and not very many resources, they’re determined to develop their skills and tell powerful, interesting stories through film. Give the good lads some views!

Christian Wimer


– Musician –

– Counselor –

Christian — or as I know him, Mr. Wimer — is a master of groove and chill. I met him my freshman year of high school, where he was a biology teacher and leader of the school’s sustainability and music clubs. He has since moved on to pursue school counseling and music, both fields that his calm, funky, and awesome self excels in. His folk songs provide a calming, cultured ambiance to any space, and simply watching him perform you can see how he flows with the tunes. If that interests you, be sure to check out his work and support him in any way you can!

This list is currently complete, but I can’t wait to make new friends in the creative world! If you’re a creator interested in connecting, contact me here!