Spilled Ink, Vol. 31 – Watch

Looking over the shoulder of someone in a raincoat, we see an analog watch that reads 3:56 pm. A foggy forest lies ahead.
Photo by Ibadah Mimpi

| Under Watch |

Watch her flick her wrist to check the time
But pass out before she can read it
She wakes up to find her watch is gone
And that bandages aren’t as stylish

| Jewelry Store |

a jewelry store flooded
all the way up to its doors
when the waters washed away
the display cases became aquariums
now fish swim with the treasure,
priceless gems, stolen rings, pretty things
and the wristwatches still tick
yeah, the wristwatches still tick

| Watch Facing Inward |

My brother wears his watch facing inward
He finds it easier to cast an arm and look below his palm
But I wear my watch facing out
Sometimes when I walk the sunshine bounces off its glass
and follows me like the opposite of a shadow

| Keep watch |

I’ll be pondering how watches got their name
While time passes in a way I need to understand
Carpe diem
I’ll seize the day by measuring it
I’ll attach meaning to a number
Navigating by the clock on my wrist as I
Chase a butterfly through rippling air
It leads me towards a brewing storm

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